PowerServer Tele plus or tele lite

Teleradiology Software


Read from anywhere, yes, anywhere with our 100% web-based teleradiology solutions that streamline your workflow with Universal Worklists for multi-site reading while providing consistent viewing environments for your radiologists. RamSoft's teleradiology solutions are designed and developed based on our 16 years of experience in customizing radiology workflows, and are designed for radiology groups that read for any size, in any location, with any number of facilities and number of studies. Whether conducting preliminary or final reads, RamSoft understands that receiving the images with original quality and returning the report to the ordering physician in a timely manner is the most critical part of the workflow. This is why RamSoft has developed complete solutions that enable the automation of workflow processes, allowing radiology groups to become successful, profitable practices while continuing to promote better and faster patient care

Full Features All Modalities including Mammography


Full PowerServer Tele Plus is designed to be the solution of choice for radiology groups to report preliminary and final reads from all types of facilities including imaging centers and hospitals. Fee schedules are supported to bill by modality, facility, professional and global billing –whether your group bills per modality, per study and/or the professional component, RamSoft has the right solution for you. Data that comes in through DICOM and HL7 can be populated in Tele Plus, therefore your billing department does not have to re-enter patient data


PowerServer TELE Lite is a web-based solution designed to meet the growing and unique needs of Teleradiology based practices and reading services. It is licensed under a special teleradiology model which requires a minimal initial investment and places no restriction on annual study volume as they are purged on a first in/first out method.