Whatever the problem, Radical has a solution

Our intent as a company is to make our clients successful in their marketplace, and thereby make ourselves successful. We have been in the radiology business a very long time, and have earned the reputation of trusted consultant, as well as vendor of choice to our clients. Small hospitals, imaging centers, mobile or portable imaging providers, and private medical practices now find themselves competing in a market that requires workflow to be faster and more effective. Workload increases, reimbursement gets smaller. Give us a few minutes of your time. Let's talk about the challenges your facility faces now, and will face in the near future. We will help you make the change that matters. Don't settle for less than Radical products, Radical service, and Radical experience.

Power Worklist

Imagine if browsing through your patient studies was as easy as looking through emails. That was the core design principle behind our PowerWorklistâ„¢; and is why most routine tasks can be completed from one simple screen. Customizable Worklist in PowerServer is one of the most powerful customizable worklists available in the market today. Imaging healthcare providers have the ability to create default worklists by department, role and user without having to purchase a full RIS solution. This feature allows you to browse through patient studies from one screen and provides up-to date status for each, aggregating multiple facilities into one single worklist. Each user and/or department is able to customize their worklist specific to their daily tasks. Study documents, voice clips and dictations are also accessible from this screen with a simple click. Build your own worklist PowerReader's worklist editor allows end users to create or modify worklists in so many different ways. Most fields are accessible through a couple of clicks.If that's not sufficient, our customizable query builder engine allows users to build almost any worklist without the need for programming SQL. This capability coupled with the PowerServer Workflow Engine allows PowerServer to cater to any workflow situation imaginable.


Physician Portal with Mobile App

The Physician Portal with Mobile App is a cutting edge application that provides unseen levels of interactivity while maintaining the ease of use and security you've come to expect from RamSoft. Patient images and reports are available to view with zero footprint as there is no need to download special software.

With RamSoft's RIS/PACS Online Order Entry Module, your referring physician's busy practice can request appointments for any of your facilities and modalities from one portal. Your schedulers receive an alert notifying them of the appointment request and can process the patient according to your workflow.


PACS: Not Just For Hospitals and Imaging Centers

Today, more and more medical specialties are using imaging equipment for faster diagnosis. A cost effective, intuitive PACS solution is an investment you will never regret. Let RamSoft help you find the right solution for your setting. Now you can purchase a cost effective solution that will allow you to view and burn images to CD, archive images and send images anywhere you choose for immediate patient care.


Portable XRay and Ultrasound

Radical Radiology has sold to, installed, trained, and continues to support more Portable X-ray and Ultrasound companies than any other vendor. At last count, we have more than 2 million Portable X-ray and Ultrasound studies that pass through our systems every year. We have spent a huge amount of time and effort working with both our software partners and hardware partners, creating systems that are affordable and well tailored to the workflow of Portable X-ray and Ultrasound providers. We are proud to be long-standing members of the National Association of Portable X-Ray Providers. We offer a full line of products and accessories for the Portable X-ray and Ultrasound market, including:

PACS Picture Archiving and Communications System

CR Computed Radiography

DR Digital Radiography

Film Digitizers

Diagnostic Workstations

Radiology Information Systems with full integration to billing

Whether you're starting a new Portable X-ray and Ultrasound company, taking your existing Portable X-ray and Ultrasound company digital, or just need to add to or refresh existing equipment or systems, give us a call. We know what works and what doesn't, and we're always glad to discuss your needs.

Robust, Reliable and Web-based Mammography

PowerServerâ„¢ PACS allows you to read digital mammography anywhere, with its fast and efficient web-based PowerReader clinical workstation. Mammography specific image management and reporting tools which are typically only found on a dedicated workstation, are available to everyone with PowerServerâ„¢-- no matter the location


Diagnostic Reporting

Electronic Forms and Report Templates provide a unique and seamless integration with Microsoft Word to our end users with hundreds of default report templates, structured reports (based on RSNA Guidelines) and patient documents. Unlike other vendors, RamSoft has made the extra effort to develop this integration to allow users to create reports and templates without having to contact support each time a change is required.