PORTABLE x-RAY AND Ultrasound Real Solutions

Radical Radiology has sold to, installed, trained, and continues to support more Portable X-ray and Ultrasound companies than any other vendor. At last count, we have more than 2 million Portable X-ray and Ultrasound studies that pass through our systems every year. We have spent a huge amount of time and effort working with both our software partners and hardware partners, creating systems that are affordable and well tailored to the workflow of Portable X-ray and Ultrasound providers. We are proud to be long-standing members of the National Association of Portable X-Ray Providers. We offer a full line of products and accessories for the Portable X-ray and Ultrasound market, including:

DICOM routing solutions

PACS Picture Archiving and Communications System

CR Computed Radiography

DR Digital Radiography

Film Digitizers

Diagnostic Workstations

Radiology Information Systems with full

integration to billing

Whether you're starting a new Portable X-ray and Ultrasound company, taking your existing Portable X-ray and Ultrasound company digital, or just need to add to or refresh existing equipment or systems, give us a call. We know what works and what doesn't, and we're always glad to discuss your needs.

Portable X-ray and Ultrasound Solutions

PowerServer XU PACS ro RIS \ PACS

All of the features of our Full Modality PACS or RIS \ PACS at a price you can afford. Designed with Portable X-ray and Ultrasound companies in mind. Radical Radiology is "The Specialist" in this model. Also a great fit for Urgent Care and private practice.

We know how hard you have to work for smaller reimbursements. Let us work a little "Radical Magic" and help your company grow while saving you time and more labor costs.

Used in conjunction with our acquisition products we can create a number of work flow components including:

Carestream Vita CR interfaces

Your commitment to your patients is immeasurable – but your budget and available space are limited. CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW Vita CR Systems are the answer. They offer you compact, small-footprint solutions with high-quality digital images, all at a very affordable price. These units have a direct interface with our PACS, so we can add more great features for even less money.

Vidar Film Digitizer interfaces

VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO® Advantage film digitizer has achieved the highest reliability, image quality, consistency, and best overall productivity of any digitizer on the market.Also has a direct interface into our PACS and RIS \ PACS.

Vizion Portable DR Systems

Finally, an affordable DR solution. Produces great high resolution images. Already extensively used by Portable X-ray providers. Versions available for easy conversion of almost any portable x-ray unit or easy conversion of fixed x-ray tables and rooms. With the addition of DICOM modality worklist, Radical Radiology can simplify workflow in all types of environments.

Dedicated to making Portable Better

Visit us at the NAPXP 2012 conference in Las Vegas October 3rd - October 5th

If you are looking for strenth in numbers and want you join an organization that can help keep you up on the latest information and work for your industries rights. Radical Radiology has been a Vendor Menber for many years and we highly recommend you join.

National Association of Portable X-ray Providers

Meridian Teleradiology

Our Teleradiology Partner

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With 24 years in Medical Imaging Technology, Radical Radiology can help you configure our various Ramsoft Gateway Router, RIS, PACS, and acquisition products to address a host of issues in your Imaging practice. We can accomodate solutions to almost any problem.

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