Why buy a PACS from Radical Radiology? Service and Support Before and After the Sale

We could have put up a webpage with a lot of hype like most of our competitors, but we believe your business is more important than that. Many vendors will sell you a system, and wish you good luck as they take your money and walk away. As all of our clients will tell you, that's simply not the way we do business. It's important to you, and it really doesn't take that long to discuss your needs, decide if we have a system that fits those needs, and present that system to you in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Radical Radiology is an independent distributor. We have been in the radiology imaging business for nearly 25 years, and in that time worked with many different vendors systems and many different types of imaging institutions. From hospitals, to imaging centers, to portable x-ray providers, to private practices, we have very happy clients that will tell you how hard we work to serve them.

Ramsoft PowerServer

The PowerServer PACS family of products are a complete line of web-based solutions for ambulatory and acute care facilities. Designed to suit radiology facilities of all sizes and needs, the full-featured PowerServer PACS, Lite PACS and XU PACS will offer your practice a solution that is a perfect fit. PowerServer PACS provides an incredible value. It utilizes RamSoft's proprietary bandwidth load distribution and push technology. It also incorporates the latest security, imaging and network technologies ensuring your facility will remain compliant with all regulations and your information will be safe and confidential at all times. PowerServer comes in 3 seperate configurations to fit various business models and budgets. One of them will be a perfect fit for your company.


Full Modality PowerServer

All modalities including mammography. Full work flow management. Dictation and Transcription (integration to voice recognition). Full report distribution via web portal, Ipad, or Android phones. Optional autofax and auto-email.

PowerServer XU

All of the feature of our Full Modality PACS at a price you can afford. Designed with Portable X-ray and Ultrasound companies in mind. Radical Radiology is "The Specialist" in this model. Also a great fit for Urgent Care and private practice.

We know how hard you have to work for smaller reimbursements. Let us work a little "Radical Magic" and help your company grow while saving you time and more labor costs.

PowerServer Lite

PowerServer Lite is designed for facilities that need a fully functional web-based PACS to view, store and distribute images, but do not require full reporting and dictation functionality. An important aspect of the economical PowerServer Lite is that facilities are never locked into this product version. When a facility reaches a point where additional features are required, they are able to upgrade to the full-featured PowerServer PACS or RIS/PACS solution

Technology Working For You.

Built in Workflow engine

Our built in workflow engine allows you to track the status of patients from start to finish, allowing statuses to be customized in any order. Many software vendors require a RIS or a separate worklist to accomplish this. This engine allows you to automate every step in the process from sending the worklist to the modality, receiving the images, radiologist interpretation, to report distribution.

Unlimited Freedom

With RamSoft, you are not limited by the number of users, workstations, worklists or modality licenses that other vendors require, in order to meet your current and future needs. Our solution supports unlimited users, workstations and locations at no additional cost.

100% secure web-based technology

Designed from the ground up as a completely web-based solution, PowerServer PACS continues to provide end users with access to the system anytime, anywhere, without losing productivity. Citrix, additional web servers or VPN's are not required. PowerServer PACS is built on an SQL database platform. Data is transmitted via TLS encryption to ensure all data exchanged is secure and HIPAA compliant. PowerServer PACS utilizes RamSoft's proprietary bandwidth load distribution and study push technology so reading can be done without delay.

Stop wandering in the dark. Radical make all the difference!