Mammography Viewer FDA Approved

Gateway Mammo Viewer is an FDA approved, IHE mammography profile compliant software workstation. It combines the features previously available only in dedicated mammography workstations with the flexibility of a multi-modality radiology workstation. Available as a software only solution or a bundled 3 or 4 monitor workstation with FDA approved monitors. Multi-monitor setup including mixed resolutions and color depths to allow mammography to be easily compared with MR and Ultrasound.

Mammo viewing protocol technology goes beyond what is possible with manual film hanging to provide a customized viewing experience for each radiologist.

An administrator can define rules that Gateway will use to pre-fetch clinically relevant priors for new studies that have arrived in the system. Studies can be pulled from multiple DICOM archives and pushed to other DICOM workstations or PACS.

OptionalDocument scanning, DICOM Print, and integrations to other mammography products make this a perfect solution.

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