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Concerned About HIPAA and Security? We Can Help

Recycle the old X-ray room into a new digital suite We Can Help

With any of our CR products or our Wireless Genesis NEO DR System, as long as the X-ray tube and the table are functional, you can convert to Digital X-ray in less than a day with very little technical skill and little change in X-ray techniques.

Concerned About HIPAA and Security? We Can Help

The Gateway DICOM Router fits right into your secure infrastructure and gives you peace of mind without exposing security holes. In combination with our PACS or RIS \ PACS products Radical Radiology can design a complete system that will make your small center or corporate enterprise efficient and secure.

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Radical solutions for computed radiography

Radical solutions for digital radiography

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Carestream VITA Tabletop CR

The VITA Tabletop CR System is the Carestream replacement for the KODAK Point of Care Syatems such as the POC 120 and POC140. It is much improved and has overcome the hardware issues found in the older products. With the robust integration into our Ramsoft PACS of RIS \PACS we can extend your ability to create studies from multiple locations and send them to a Central location with no need for VPNs, or even DICOM connections. The RIS or PACS handles the scheduling, the tech performs the study, the Radical \ Ramsoft web interface handles the rest. Whether you have multiple sites or are a Portable X-ray company, this is a perfect solution.

Vizion Portable DR Systems

Finally, an affordable DR solution. Produces great high resolution images. Already extensively used by Portable X-ray providers. Versions available for easy conversion of almost any portable x-ray unit or easy conversion of fixed x-ray tables and rooms.

Genesis NEO DR Wireless System

It Fits – Table or Wall Bucky Slides into your existing table bucky and fits into your existing wall stand—-without the need for any modifications. It's Fast – DR Workflow on Your Equipment Stop running to process cassettes and make your rooms DR fast. Using your existing equipment also means less training time required. No long downtimes. It's Cost Effective – DR on a Budget NEO DR will fit in your budget also. You only have to change your cassette, not your entire x-ray room. No room replacement! The NEO DR can be used anywhere in the exam room. Images are wirelessly transmitted to the console for immediate review. Our proven software for CR and DR manages your workflow and image processing to give you the outstanding productivity and image quality you expect.

Carestream Classic and Elite CR systems

DIRECTVIEW Remote Operations Panel (ROP); set up one or multiple ROPs to communicate with up to eight KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR systems.

DIRECTVIEW Total Quality Tool allows you to perform, at your convenience, objective image tests and QC measurements.

DIRECTVIEW CR Long-Length Imaging System is an easy-to-use accessory for the capture of vertical long-bone CR images – full leg and full spine.

DIRECTVIEW Remote Patient Data Entry Software enables communication between a customer-supplied PC workstation and the CR system for remote patient data entry.

DIRECTVIEW CR Software/Software Options provide an array of image preparation and productivity enhancements such as KODAK black surround / masking software, grid detection and suppression software, IHE scheduled workflow software, security audit log software, and more.

DIRECTVIEW EVP Plus Software provides images with wider latitude while maintaining the contrast detail